Violated Records



Featuring: Noel Martin, Steve Tannett, Charlie Casey, Morgan Webster

Menace formed in August 1976 when singer, Morgan Webster, met school friends Noel Martin, Charlie Casey and Steve Tannett at the Hope and Anchor pub in Islington. Their first gig at the now legendary Roxy was attended by Miles Copeland from Step Forward and Illegal Records who signed Menace straight away… The end finally came in late 1979 when after lack of interest from the record companies (due to their records being banned) and a lack of interest from the music press (possibly due to the working class ethics and the working class background of the boys in the band)… Menace’s last single Final Vinyl with the classic songs Last Years Youth and Carry No Banners, which lift the reputation of the band up another notch. After the split up the reputation of Menace continued to grow worldwide…